It's Time to Start Your Comfy Journey with us

AC Sleeper

AC Luxury Sleeper Magna (2X2)
AC Sleeper (2X2)
AC Lower Sleeper (2X1)
Non-AC Sleeper (2X2)

AC / Non-AC Pushback

AC Pushback Thighrest comfy (2X1)
Non-AC comfy Pushback (2X2)
Comfy Pushback (3X2)

Starbus Ultra

AC Ultra (2X2) Non-AC Ultra (2X2)

Luxury Semi Sleeper

AC Magna Sleeper (2X2) AC Magna Pushback (2X2)

Why Hawa Hawai

We love to build relationships, and with a customer base of above 30 lakhs, we know what our customer wants and thrive to provide our best service.

What You Get

Best uninterrupted Service in Bihar Jharkhand and Nepal Region